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Alex The Astronaut’s New Song 'I Like To Dance'

'I Like To Dance', the new song from Sydney artist Alex The Astronaut, tells the story of an unnamed, hypothetical woman who experiences violence at the hands of her partner.  You scream ‘Why don’t you leave!’ / My kids are two and three / I just can’t pay for what they need / We both know he’d find me,” Alex sings.

This song isn't Alex's story: she wrote the song after a social encounter with a magistrate, who told Alex that he saw a devastating amount of cases of domestic violence each week. Alex spoke to her friends and realised how many of them had experienced domestic violence themselves.

One in three Australian women has experienced physical violence; one woman a week is murdered by a current or former partner. With this story, Alex zooms in on the experience of the women behind those statistics and brings into view the women who should be known for their strength, kindness, talents, and dreams, not the violence that they've experienced.

A talented footballer Alex moved from Sydney to New York on a soccer scholarship in 2017 and studied Maths and Physics at Long Island University.  It was while she was in the US that she turned a streak of bold new life experiences into songs under the name Alex the Astronaut.Superficially her music is naive and off-the-cuff, on second listen it is honed and worldly, its quirks and melodic ticks revealing tough themes and darker sentiments. 

European Live Dates:

11th AUGUST - GLASGOW, Broadcast, UK

14th AUGUST - LONDON, Assembly Camden, UK



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