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Sean McGowan Is Telling 'Porky Pies'

‘Porky Pies’ is the latest track to be cut from Seán McGowan’s fast approaching debut album, Son Of The Smith, which is due out May 11 on Xtra Mile Recordings. ‘Porky Pies’ is a track that sees the young punk poet waxing lyrical about his favourite brand of savoury snack for a big cash pay out, this is not. Instead, pulling up his boot straps on a quest for the truth, Seán’s latest sees him directly confront those who try to pull the wool over our eyes in society.

Daylight robbery/ mad men on a mugger/ lifetime of monotony/ it’s a fixed lottery/ burdened to bottom feed/ banished to poverty/ worship celebrity?… Nah I don’t think so” - quips Seán as he sifts through the stream of bullshit we’re fed by our media channels everyday and happily regurgitate without a second’s thought.

In an era where “Fake News”, illicit electioneering tactics, and espionage, seem to have become part of the fabric of everyday life, Seán’s frustration with the daily propagation of lies from the upmost order down has perhaps never been more prescient. Standing up for the truth and honour with a song that is as musically deceptive as the subject matter it spears, Seán delivers us another sharp shot of his lyrical prowess in this track loaded with multifarious hooks and cunning key changes aplenty.

‘Son of the Smith’  Album track-listing

Mind The Doors

Cuppa Tea

Romance Ain’t Dead

Skin & Bone

Porkie Pies

Oh My Days

Mind Your Head


Local Boy

Auto Pilot

Life Has A Way

Off The Rails

Mind The Gap




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