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Larkin Poe - Reskinned

  • Written by  Rob Crozier

Two sisters are tearing up a storm with their new album. Larkin Poe are Rebecca and Megan Lovell and their new release is Reskinned.

They open with some powerful vocals, fuzzy guitars in a grizzly growling sound that starts with ‘Sucker Punch’. This is a statement of intent that they mean business and the sisters are aiming to build on their already strong backing due in part to their live performances.  They have already had huge success performing at The Great Escape festival and Glastonbury this year.

The sisters have already cut their teeth as Elvis Costello’s backing singers back in the day. They also have a rich family heritage. They are descendants of tortured artist and creative genius, Edgar Allen Poe. From this platform it is not surprising that they are able to combine style whilst still drawing on a rich southern tapestry which sees the sound move effortlessly from country to blues to straight up rock yet still manage to sound rich and current. This album feels like the perfect melting pot to bring all these elements together.

'When God Closes a Door’ is a great example of this with its satirical take on the religious teachings. The track is a rebel rousing ride that allows us to feel the authenticity that they bring.  ‘PROBLEM’ continues to display the bands honest approach to song writing. Its slightly distorted vocals and lo-fi production is further testament of the bands ability.  

‘Stubborn Love’ for us is the stand out track of the album. Its laid back groove again shows the bands variety of styles. Its soft vocals purr the track along as the sisters lament about

“I guess you’re sticking around despite how I feel/We’re always going to be a 2 for 1 deal.”

The excellent ‘Jailbreak’ is a much bluesy affair with some excellent solo guitar. The range of styles is quite staggering as they manage to retain their own sound yet clearly comfortable in a variety of genres. This is followed by ‘Blunt’ which is the first single to be released from the album and continues in the same theme which clearly illustrate the bands influence by the likes of Jeff Buckley and Jack White. The sisters describe the meaning of the single ‘Blunt’: 

"Opening the newspaper on some days, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the state of affairs in the world. How does one affect positive change in their lifetime? It's a big question. With "Blunt", we're not trying to answer the question, we're just trying to ask it."

This is quite simply a wonderful album that feels both retro yet very current and we predict a huge future for these wonderfully talented sisters. Reskinned moves effortlessly along and absorbs us in. We would obviously highly recommend a listen and if possible try and catch them live if possible. 

Reskinned is out now and available via Amazon and iTunes.

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