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Raw Fun - You Won't Be Told EP

  • Written by  Debbie Sheringham

A debut 3 track E.P. from new London protopunk band RAW FUN. Featuring singer, guitarist and songwriter - Patrice Picard (80s garage-trash monsters The Cannibals), drums - Manu Santos (punk band Michael Jackson) and bass - Joaquin Gonzalez (Las Aspiradoras)

These tracks were mixed in Detroit by The Dirtbombs Jim Diamond (White Stripes, Sonics, Fleshtones producer) and is distributed by Dirty Water Records. 'Be ready for fast, no-nonsense three minutes songs. Dirty, on the edge and full of energy'.

Title track Won’t Be Told is melodic and catchy with riffs a-go-go. Upbeat, with a perfectly balanced mixture of 70s punk pop and defiance. You can almost hear the stamping of feet.

Shades has that twangy surf guitar edge, and is the grittier side of rock n roll; quite Cramps-esque. It has a more intense broodiness about it. The strongest track on the EP, and definitely my favourite.

Til The End Of The Song is punk ‘n’ roll with pop sensibilities.

The E.P. is available now from Dirty Water Records by download or 7” vinyl.

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