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Shopping, Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh

With their enjoyably in-your-face and dance-inducing songs such as 'Time Wasted' and 'Long Way Home', amusing wit-from-behind-the-kit and and energy-packed performance Shopping gave a great account of themselves in the tiny Sneaky Pete's on a surprisingly mild December night last week. Overcoming some initial microphone misbehaviour the trio belted through their set in support of newest album Why Choose with a great amount of charm and good cheer.

This was the penultimate date on their UK tour and the first time they'd played Edinburgh so those who had the sense to come along for the historic show were well served by a band clearly firing on all creative cylinders.

Support acts tonight seemed to have been a bit of a last minute affair. Guinness, the duo in the second slot, were apparently only formed the night before. Not a promising piece of information you might think but, if they genuinely came up with their three songs in the space of 24 hours then well done to them. Witty lyrics (given the time of year Xmas was a feature here) over a drum machine-driven backing displayed elements of I, Ludicrous and Syd Barrett and they're an interesting prospect if they choose to exist for longer.

Bday Pres, on the other hand, were a self-indulgent mess of a band. I left mid-way through their set for a walk round the block and a coffee as any irony they were trying to convey by covering Celine Dion badly and their other in-jokes was completely lost on me.

Why Choose is available from amazon & iTunes.

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