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Metabards - Metabards

  • Written by  Julia Lamb

Hailing from New York City is electronica duo Metabards, comprised of vocalist Tiānyá and producer Wisa1. Prior to the release of their self-titled debut EP, the pair showed lightning potential with their first and only three shows taking place across two continents despite having no official material released at the time. Since then, Tiānyá and Wisa1 have fused their eclectic tastes in the studio to deliver Metabards.

Metabards gives an enticing taste of what this duo is about: testing just how far and wide electronica can be taken. The five-track EP features two original songs followed by three remixes of these songs. Opening number, ‘Prometheus‘ sexily slinks about with an upright bass, providing a funky groove which anchors the jazz and trip-hop-infused track. Tiānyá’s voice is a captivating blend of soul and Eastern influence, mesmerising in every moment of her rich lows and her delicate highs. The Krimshok remix strips back the jazziness of the original and instead utilises abrasive, industrial sounds to cast a trip-inducing new light on the track. ‘Paradise Found’ changes gears into a more synth-laden, Die Antwoord-esque brand of electronica. In the track’s backdrop a chorus of wandering chants can be heard, adding an element of primitiveness to the opening line, “There may be no path the prophecy could just be a guess”. The two Dopamine remixes of ‘Paradise Found’ essentially re-fashion the track into rave-ready numbers, but there’s little difference between the first remix and the second ‘dub version’ remix.

It’s hard to listen to this EP without being left wanting more of Metabard’s original material in lieu of the remixes, which only quash the original tracks’ flair in order to create something more condensed and danceable. In the space of their two compulsive songs, Metabards have proven they have far more to offer than pedestrian rave numbers.

Metabards is available from Bandcamp.

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