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Owl & Mouse - Departures

  • Written by  Zoe Wallbank

Owl & Mouse are back with a new album, Departures, and it’s filled with fun melodies and beautiful imagery.

The opening track ‘Keep Your Eyes Open Wide’ has a catchy, bouncy techno melody which is engaging and fun but coupled with more serious lyrics such as: “haunted by questions and answers I don’t wanna hear.” This is a good opening track as it sets the tone for the album and gives a taste of what style will follow.

Another track that couples the upbeat melody with more serious lyrics is ‘Octopi’, which has an upbeat ukulele melody with gentle vocals and lovely imagery in the lyrics such as “what once was young is now older than the stars that lead us here” and “we could be heroes but not each other’s anymore.” This track is a break-up song without being too sad, it’s more accepting of it than upset, making it a nice refreshing take on a break-up song. “The clouds have gathered and everything is clear.”

Similarly ‘Louie’ has a nice, cute, loving melody perfect for her gentle vocals. However not so lovely lyrics to contrast such as: “I know you only turned away from me because you’ll never feel the same.”

That being said, most of the tracks are more upbeat and happy, mainly focusing on love. For example ‘Misfits’ is a fun and upbeat track with a tambourine and ukulele led melody about embracing being a misfit and falling in love: “and now you’re here I’ve certain I’ve been wasting my days until now.”

The romantic lyrics are something the band does well, and is also shown in ‘Worst Kiss’, a duet of male and female vocals playing out the story of a couple who are trying to tell each other their live stories. It’s a really good and interesting concept and contains some of the most beautiful lyrics of the album, such as the last lyric: “Did I ever tell you about my first love, 25 years in the making?”

The beautiful lyrics and use of imagery however is best shown in ‘Rapunzel’, which contains lyrics like “Oh Rapunzel hanging out my bedroom window / Let your hair down / And tell me you needn’t be so scared you still want to be there.” It plays into the metaphor beautifully, whilst still portraying a clear meaning.

Overall the album is beautiful, it contains romantic and loving lyrics with upbeat melodies, but can still pack a punch.

Departures is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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