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Prinzhorn Dance School – Home Economics

  • Written by  Kirsty Bates

The Brighton-based duo of Tobin Prinz and Suzi Horn make up the impressive Prinzhorn Dance School. In 2008 the band released their self-titled debut album on DFA Records, the same label that is releasing their new album, Home Economics, an album which was played and recorded on the move, giving each of the tracks a unique minimalism and a sense of being right there with the artists when listening to each song.

The opening track ‘Reign’ is a masterpiece in rhythm and what can be created with understated backing and elegantly chosen lyrics. A showcase of what is to come in the rest of the album. The track that follows uses the drums to add symbolism and effect to the lyrics and the ‘Battlefield’ instead of just holding down the beat, and closes with a long instrumental setting it apart from both the tracks before and after. ‘Clean’ is different again with all vocals sung by both Prinz and Horn with a great melody and a track that makes you want to listen to every other on the album. The final songs are lyrically brilliant with strong stories behind the words with excellent placement and timing. The best line across the six tracks: “I’m scratching at pieces, of a love that won’t rewind, will not be deleted” coming from the final track ‘Let Me Go’.

Prinzhorn Dance School have many skills in their arsenal, which they use to great effect throughout the album. Every sound is only used if needed and is perfectly chosen to fit the song, and enhance the lyrics and style, which makes the record pure and never overstated.

The use of different combinations of vocals from spoken, to duet and solo gives the listener something different from one song to the next, however Prinzhorn Dance School never hide behind the vocals and ensure that the style fits with each song and is well crafted.

The album’s choice of songs and their positioning are part of its charm from the beautiful harmonies found at the start in ‘Reign’, to the poetry put to music in ‘Haggle’, and wrapping up with the heartfelt ‘Let Me Go’. Home Economics is a stripped back showcase of musicality and originality with the ability to make you feel great just by listening.

Home Economics is available from Amazon and iTunes.

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