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Singles That Mingle 20211119

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Captain Stavros brings you the hottest new singles round-up


Greta – ‘Nicht Allein’



This track is fucking dirty, that is all.




Sea Change – ‘Night Eyes’



This song absolutely drips.




Le Junk – ‘America’



One country’s trash is another’s Le Junk. A single? More like a slice of freedom pie! Pop on this proper poppy popper.




Why Bonnie – ‘Galveston’



Listen to this track for no other reason (but also because it’s great) than Blair singing howling at the moon carrying the note like a wolf cub.




Scott C. Park — ‘Slide’



Slack guitar a-la-Vile with British powered vocal tones, Pretty Pimpin’.




Blue Violet – ‘Asylum’



Sit back, kick back, listen and watch while your head and shoulders have a game of table tennis with each other.  




Jake Wakeman and the Dreamstriders – ‘Cosmic Fear’



A tongue in cheek giggle revolving around mundane anxiety, giver a whirl and shake off those mon-fri too much rice again fears


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