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HeartSongs - 20170703

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Welcome to HeartSongs, our regularly scheduled (probably) look at songs and the people who write them. We spoke to Zach from North Carolina’s Snatch The Snail about ‘In Convenience’ from their new record, Not Another Snail Album.

“The inspiration behind the song started with the first verse. I was working at a movie theatre at the time I wrote it and would constantly drink Icees. My favourite flavour was blue, plus there's a photo of me with blue dye in my mouth and that image stuck with me. From there, we move onto the chorus. First thing that came to mind about the Icees was that "It's a guilty pleasure" so I went with that. And after saying "It's hard to resist" I immediately considered it a "That's what she said" joke. I do stand-up comedy sometimes and like to slip jokes into songs, so I went with it. Also, I was dating a girl at the time who has a "That's what she said" bumper sticker, so it was a done deal.

The second verse was more random. I like the phrase "Nevertheless" but wanted to switch it up and write "Never ever the less". "Put it to the test" made it feel more sciencey, which I dig. "Lest we forget" I got from an old episode of Spongebob. "It's just a jest" was just true about the joke concept. And "difficult to digest" just rhymed and sounded good.

Recording was pretty straight forward. I did it all myself with my home equipment. The guitar parts for the verse and chorus were taken from two different songs that I never used. This is the only album where each song was done first with an acoustic guitar and a metronome, and then drums, bass, electric guitar and vocals were done later. There's also a violin track from the violin setting on a keyboard. It always seemed cheesy to me, but I feel like it added a lot to this album without it being too obvious.

To add to that, the title is ‘In Convenience’ because Icee's are most commonly found at convenience stores, plus I was watching a lot of Jay and Silent Bob at the time. Spacing it out as two words added to the punny nature of the song and had slight sexual undertones.”



My tongue and my teeth and my lips are blue

I've got brain freeze

From all of the Icees I drink on the reg

If I'm feeling crazy

I'll switch it up to red


It's a guilty pleasure and it's hard to resist

That's what she said


Never ever the less

Put it to the test

Lest we forget

That it's just a jest


But it's getting difficult to digest

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