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Bad Breeding Release Whose Cause?

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Stevenage anarcho-punks Bad Breeding have released the second part of their direct message in video form from their new album, Exiled, scheduled for release on One Little Indian Records on June 21. The collage video was created by Owen Deutsch of D4MT Labs and NYC punks, Kaleidoscope.

“‘Whose Cause?’ explores political misdirection in the media and its role in sowing seeds of division, suspicion and distrust in our communities,” explains front man Christopher Dodd. “It touches on the nefarious ties between capital and a pocketed media class, while commenting on how instruments of the right have harnessed and manipulated divisive politics of identity in an attempt to dent the collective bonds of solidarity that bind our communities together. It’s about pushing beyond force-fed narratives and looking at the disastrous implications reactionary storytelling has on propping up the survival of late capitalism and the patrician outriders it funds and protects: the gilded bourgeoisie, the imperialists, the warmongers, the contemptuous old-money hawks, the emboldened corporate elite.”

The news cycle as it exists in 2019 – rapid, permanently mutating, consistently grotesque – equally blesses and curses Bad Breeding. A group with a keen eye for social injustice and establishment venality, expressed in hollered tones over a full-throttle, enervating soundclash of anarcho punk, hardcore and noiserock, ‘Exiled’ was fuelled by the last 12 months in (primarily) British politics: a nation circling the drain while forever eyeing the plughole.

UK Tour dates:

July 21st – Crofter’s Rights, Bristol

July 22nd – The Polar Bear, Hull

July 23rd – Temple of Boom, Leeds

July 24th – The Moon, Cardiff

July 25th – Electrowerkz, London




Bad Breeding Are Dehumanised

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‘Dehumanised’ is the third Bad Breeding single, taken from their forthcoming EP, Abandonment, out this week on One Little Indian Records. The Stevenage-based anarcho-punks recorded the EP on the eve of a European tour, in one room in Berlin with Ben Greenberg (Uniform) at the controls. The result captures all the urgent turbulence of their live show, bristling with an uncontained power.

Bad Breeding will also host a headline show at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on International Workers’ Day (May 1) to help raise funds for People for People - Stevenage, a locally-run group that provides relief for marginalised sections of the town’s community.

On the four tracks that make up the Abandonment EP, the band engage in an honest and attentive fury that avoids ulterior motive. True to themselves and where they come from, the band fix upon an irrepressible surge of agitation that is, in every sense, important at a time when ‘profit negates life’, when the neglected are ‘left to sink’ and when there seems to be ‘no end to disillusion’.



1st May - IWD @ Waiting Room, London

6th May - Prince Albert, Brighton



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