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Physical Format-20190626

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And we're into 2019. Only this and three more weeks of me finding it hard to see any redeeming features in most of the music Flying Vinyl have been releasing, which no doubt makes everyone happy. As an aside though no further sales have been made via Discogs at time of writing (May) so that may be relevant.
Right from reading their name I dislike Dahlia Sleeps. As soon as the needle hits their white vinyl my dislike is confirmed. Hold on while I go and turn it off. 'Love, Lost' is one of the drippiest songs I've heard whilst writing this column. Get over it. 'Settle Down' is a bit more like White Lies in pace & weight and indeed has me seeing the quartet in a new light. It would have been a good contender at Eurovision, rather than the lad in jeggings. No one seems to want it on Discogs though so it's flea market bound. Twitter shows the band have a tie-in with Ellesse and are working on new material.
Ivory Wave are seemingly trying to be the new Flowered Up. It's probably rather discourteous to mention Oasis in connection with them as the booklet this month does. 'Separate Beat', at least musically, owes more to the wackier group although the vocals do sound a bit desperate to conjure up Gallagher junior at times. 'Club' is a bit more Happy Mondays-like. Facebook shows the band to have a few live dates between now and the end of August.
Miqui Brightside's 'Panorama' is a wobbly, drunken slice of electro-pop, the core tune of which quickly becomes annoying. B side 'Burning Bridges' employs the talents of Adriana Proenza to mumble unintelligibly and then witter over it at points, in the age old game of trying to work out why one is no longer wanted. Facebook shows Miqui to be keeping his hand in DJing.
The Starlight Magic Hour are trying to hard to create some after-hours, singalong thing on 'Song To Bethy'. Convinced the pressing's iffy too. 'I Am The Swan To Your Song' is a bit better in a Bonzo Dog Band vein. Facebook shows the band have a gig i Manchester in the middle of August.
"Vistas are the Edinburgh trio making fiery indie-rock". The only one. In the whole city. And no one I know in town has yet mentioned them to me. That aside 'Fade' isn't bad. It races along anyway. Like a cheerier Hookworms (if one can yet mention them in polite company). I'd stick around to watch a number or two if I stumbled upon them at a festival but I'd not make the effort to walk in to town and see a whole show. 'Like An American' has a more mainstream, anthemic sound about it. Possibly addressing the subject of the city's yearly tourist invasion. The band's website reveals they have a slew of live dates coming up across the UK, particularly in October.
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