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Live: DJ Cheeba, Arts Centre, Norwich

Prior to tonight's gig we were hot with anticipation for the thrilling atmosphere that was sure to ensue but much to our disappointment, walking into the empty room as the music begins does nothing but extinguish this flame. Although a small audience is to be expected for a support act, this is a whole new level where I can literally see no one else in the room bar the performers. Onstage are DJ duo Easily Dunn and Dinch and despite dwelling within a dead atmosphere the music being played is actually rather enjoyable. Their collection of music features a funky vibe that has the entire room moving (just us then ...) and one particular remix of a Jackson 5 song brings on a smile. Alas, It isn't long before the repetitive and relentless bombardment of bass music - combined with a lack of any real performance element – soon become tiresome to listen to.


Live: Wolf People, Sebright Arms, London

Depending on the genre of music, the percentage of the audience that has attended a cider festival increases. Your standard pop concert for example, is fairly low. Beth Orton’s doing a tour? It’s perhaps a bit higher. Wolf People? It’s 100%. One hundred percent. One assumes psych-halflings, Wolf People spent their teenage years in their rooms listening to Zeppelin and Captain Beefheart, before emerging blinking into the sunlight three years ago and producing 2010’s most barn-storming album of prog. Steeple, Tidings and now new album, Fain all tap into a psych/folk musical tradition normally reserved for men of a more advanced age*, and their ninety minute set at the Sebright Arms contains all the prog greats of days gone by - dueling banjos, finger-tapping, a man with a band t-shirt, some stomp-pedal (though a lamentable absence of prog-flute – alas, there is rarely space for a prog-flautist on tour).


Live: Gavin James, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Gavin James has been gathering fans at an electric pace with his acoustic performances. The title track from his début Say Hello EP also scooped the Choice Meteor ‘Song of the Year Award’ for 2012 whilst the EP itself entered the Irish iTunes album chart at number 1. This is why we arrive early to catch his support slot for fellow compatriots Kodaline - which eventually pans out be a night of top performances.


Live: Kodaline - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

A lot can be said for gigs at the prestigious King Tuts Wah Wah Hut. But although I have frequented the venue on numerous occasions - running the eye over Glasgow’s thriving grassroots music scene - I am still yet to experience why it was voted ‘Britain’s Best Small Venue’ by NME in 2011. Tonight however, suggests that one need only witness King Tut’s hosting a top line-up in order to see this 300 capacity venue come to life. Kodaline and Co. do just the trick.


Basement / 005 w/ Paris XY, Leeds

Out of the growing music scene in Leeds, a new era is being born. The electronic scene is developing through house and its variations. This in turn has given way to new clubs; Canal Mills, Mint Warehouse, and The Garage. Such venues have raised the profile of Leeds, allowing it to compete with its party rival down the M62, Manchester, and even the musical powerhouse that is London.

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