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Odonis Odonis, Phog Lounge, Windsor, Ontario (Live Review)

  • Written by  Johnno


Why weren't you there, huh? Yes, I know Phog Lounge has a 75-person capacity and its space is limited, but honestly, you really should have been there.  We've all been waiting for live shows and this was one not to miss, but it looks like you did. I feel so, so sorry for you.

Odonis Odonis (Toronto) made their Windsor debut performance with an intense, two-person, darkwave, industrial danceable light show. Distorted synths on top of the triggered drum loops, felt like a vertical blanket of sound. The type of sonic wall we have been longing for all through the pandemic.  I spoke with one local, Freddy, who said it was his and his brother's first live show in 2 years. I was fortunate enough to listen to the band's latest release (Spectrums) beforehand, so at least I knew what to expect. Freddy and his brother's virgin ears were walking into Phog on Friday night deaf and blind. And if Odonis Odonis' set was any indication of success, Freddy was still down in front dancing out, pint in hand, exposing himself to that sonic ferocity and singer, Dean Tzenos' meanderings through the standing crowd.

You really should have been there.

My friend Anderson and I were chatting with Shawn, the show's organizer of Happy Little Crowd Productions (@happylittlecrowd), when Dean approached us. I offered Dean a handshake with a "hey man, that was beautiful". He smiled with approval and agreement, “Thanks! That was fun”.

And you know, yeah, it was fun. Even as aggressive as the music is, it's totally enjoyable. Not for everyone, but for those who "get it", they'll feel it, love it, and will reap the rewards of spectating.
The recent round of shows the pair have are going without a drummer, who recently succumbed to a back injury, leaving him unable to tour and perform. This left some adjustments to their set which was noticeable for having a couple false starts.

Dean's cohort, Denholm, approached our circle and felt the same as Dean on their performance.
"If we're traveling this way, we always play Detroit. But their crowds are so hit-and-miss with us."
WHAT!? DETROIT!? What the hell is wrong with you, Detroit? You would think given Detroit's long-standing history with house and electronic music, that Odonis Odonis would be well received consistently there.  Detroit, just like their Red Wings, lost out that night. But speaking for Windsor, the crowd was very receptive, to which Dean spoke for duo, "we're definitely coming back in the new year".

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