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HowTheLightGetsIn Reveal Comedy Line-Up

Knock knock...

"Who's there?"

The Comedy Line-up for HowTheLightGetsIn 2018, including some of the biggest names and hottest rising stars on the UK comedy scene. Leading the bill will be the “blissfully funny” Mock The Week star James Acaster (Time Out), whose shows have earned him an unprecedented five consecutive nominations for Best Show at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

As night begins to fall, the Ring turns from a hub of intellectual activity into a den of hilarity and mayhem. But of course the jokes are smart too. With an indecently funny comedy line-up, curated by the critically acclaimed comedian Alex Kealy, the laughs are (almost) guaranteed to drown out the party next door.

He'll be joined by “Britain's greatest living anti-comedian” Ed Aczel (The Guardian), award winning actor-turned-comedian Brett Goldstein, Russell Brand prodigy Lou Sanders and, “one of his generations most eloquent comic voices”, Ahir Sha (The Telegraph), alongside many, many more standout comedians throughout the festival weekend.

You can book headline sets individually, or enjoy the entire line-up with a Festival Ticket.




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