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The Survival Code - Broken Strings

  • Written by  Julia Lamb


London band The Survival Code play the brand of alternative-rock that begs to be heard live, think along the lines of Deftones and Biffy Clyro’s sense of untamed energy. It comes as no surprise that the group have spent the last four years amassing a loyal fan-base the good old fashion way; gigging across the country show by show.

The Survival Code’s latest single comes in the form of  'Broken Strings’. Lifted from the band’s upcoming EP of the same title, the track is a whirlwind of fervent guitars, frenzied drumming and a no-frills, no-bullshit attitude.

“Learning to cope, hanging by a tether/ There is no escaping anywhere I turn.”

Lead singer Gary McGuinness sings as though he’s nearing a state of unhinged craze, which perhaps best encapsulates the song’s overall vibe – gathering agitated tension in the verse before bursting at the seams in the mammoth chorus. 

The Survival Code have produced a track which feels repressed by the walls of its own recording; begging to break out of its shell and into a live atmosphere. If anything, that’s a testament to the band’s authenticity: in a day and age where all too many artists produce glossy, ornate tracks that only prove to be disappointing in a live setting, The Survival Code are coming out with bonafide tunes that feel like a teaser for the real thing, a tempting one at that.

'Broken Strings' is available from Amazon.

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