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Scruff Of The Neck Presents ... - 20160822

  • Written by  Dave Beech


For your entertainment during another working week here's five more hand-picked delights from the Scruff Of The Neck stable.

The Real Cool – 'Bed Hair'

Hailing from Birmingham, indie-pop three piece The Real Cool relish in their own brand of rich, yet paradoxically understated tropi-pop. The band's most recent single 'Bed Hair' is no exception. Lush sounding but sporadically delivered guitar lines entwine with chunky bass rumbles, creating something both modern, but entrenched in pop traditions.


Jellyskin – 'She Sung Oceans'

Sounding like a more contemporary Slowdive, Leeds-based shoegazers Jellyskin take understated to new, staggeringly pretty levels. Even without a gig under their belt yet, the three-piece have began to make quite an impression with latest single 'She Sung Oceans' providing a wistful and hazy first impression of the trio. Beautiful.


The Chadelics – 'Mexico'

Harbouring all the energy of a pre-drugs Libertines, Barrow's The Chadelics may be familiar to those who were at this year's Kendal Calling. 'Mexico' might not be the band's most recent offering, but it's rakish charm, jangling guitars and straight up indie-oikishness is utterly infectious. Expect big things from these guys. Expect them soon.


Kyngs – 'In the Moment'

Arguably the heaviest track on offer this week thanks to it's propulsive guitar grooves, 'In The Moment' is the first track from Manchester four-piece Kyngs, and sees the band building on the established rock tropes of the '60s and '70s while absolutely making them their own. Not quite breakneck but rarely relenting, it's a statement of intent from a band who know what they want.


EARTHS – 'Kangerlussuaq'

Given that this song's over a year old, we might be cheating a little bit by including it, but after seeing EARTHS live iteration on Saturday, it just felt wrong not to. Beginning with an ethereal and haunting vocal melody, the track soon blossoms in to lush alt-rock; the frenetic percussion and rolling rhythm section providing the perfect backdrop for the rich Scottish vocal lilt. Exquisite.


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