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Luca Bash - Single Drops EP

  • Written by  Julia Lamb

Luca Bash is the Roman singer-songwriter with an unwavering devotion to bare his soul through stripped-back music. His raw brand of folk-rock has been worked and refined since 1999, but after a debilitating motorbike accident in 2013 which sent Bash into a coma, he awoke with an epiphany regarding his creative direction: “[I had] a new sense for where I wanted my music to go and a much better understanding of the importance of quality recording”.

This new found focus on production shines on Single Drops. A record built on a foundation of acoustic guitars, these tracks are glossed with a crystal clear sound that is palpably close and makes every nuance sparkle and resonate gorgeously. Single Drops is a compilation EP of sorts, featuring tracks that Bash has cherry-picked from each of his four EPs released in 2014 plus one new song thrown into the mix. Wistful opening track, ‘Your Tomorrow’ showcases Bash’s delicate guitar work. Weaving intricately between one another, the acoustic guitars create bright and warm atmospheres – a defining element of Bash’s sound. Written from the perspective of a mother speaking to her sleeping child about a harsh reality that lies ahead of him, the song is as hopeful as it is bittersweet and cherishes the untainted innocence of childhood. ‘Forever Like Asleep’ and ‘Dear John’ deal with some darker Americana-influenced tones, while, ‘Little Tale’ slowly builds tension before soaring in its final minute. Comparatively upbeat is final track, ‘Black Swan’s Walls’, a jaunty close to the record that employs infectiously propulsive rhythms.

Bash’s greatest strength is his ability to compose with guitars, writing background melodies so strong that the songs don’t suffer from their lack of varied instrumentation: Single Drops gives a fine array of just that.

Single Drops EP is available on iTunes.

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