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Introducing: Will Mussett

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Fusing together the narrative-driven nature of the genre's heavyweights, with a pure, unadulterated modern pop sensibility, Brighton-based singer-songwriter Will Mussett has managed to avoid the plague of monotony that shrouds many of his contemporaries, instead creating a catalogue of tracks which feel both timely, and timeless. Having steadily built his repertoire from the age of 16, Mussett's lyrical musings offer a rare insight in to the emotional progression of a teenage troubadour; his more recent tracks suggesting an inevitable maturing as he passed in to young adulthood.

With his debut album November Storm on the not-so-distant horizon, the culmination of five years writing will get the release it readily deserves. Dealing with the emotional turmoil expected of someone in their late teens when the majority of tracks were written, one might expect the lyricism to be overwrought and even underwhelming, but that simply isn't case. Straight forward perhaps, but ultimately both charming and relatable, and with his two previous singles earning him critical acclaim already, it seems November Storm is every bit as likely to uphold and reiterate such praise.

November Storm is scheduled for release on January 31st on over 250 digital platforms around the world and physically on CD.

Will Mussett will also be playing Brighton's Green Door Store the same day to celebrate the record's release and tickets can be purchased here.

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